CBD And Coronavirus – How Can CBD Help with The Treatment Of COVID-19

Although the U.S. Farm bill of 2018 has legalized CBD products derived from industrial hemp, the U.S. FDA does not have any control over the legal content level of 0.30% THC in all CBD products. You have to be careful while buying CBD oil and check THC level of 0.30% as these have healing properties rather than intoxicating effect. The effect of CBD oil can vary from person to person based on their daily activities and THC level.

CBD extracted from the leaves and stems of industrial hemp have medicinal values. These are then converted into various forms like edibles, oils, tinctures, capsules, pills, topicals and much more products. CBD oil may contain purely CBD or CBD mixed with other cannabinoids, additives and THC. CBD is used for the treatment of inflammation, migraine, depression, anxiety, epilepsy and arthritis.

CBD or THC – why you may fail or pass a drug screen test

Most of the drug screening test is based on marijuana or illegal THC content level in your body. but not on a pure CBD content. This is because CBD oil contains traces of THC which can be less than or equal to 0.30% THC by dry weight. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA) guidelines states that the THC content in an individual body exceeding 50 mg/ml are positive indications of drug screening test failures.

With the increasing popularity of CBD oil, consumers are more conscious and worried about their safety in using CBD oil. The Just CBD Store, in Florida and the subcontinental of U.S.A., is your key answer to where to buy CBD oil. They provide premium CBD oil through their online and offline retail storesThey have CBD products like gummies, soaps, oil tinctures, vape oil, edibles, body lotions, CBD for pets and much more to choose from.

Their raw materials and the products are strictly lab tested for a premium and legal quality of CBD products. They maintain the officially permitted limit of 0.30% THC in their products and have Certificate of Analysis for each batch of CBD products. They have full spectrum and isolate form of CBD oil.

Cannabis oils can be found in licensed medical stores legally. They may have high THC content which may lead you to fail any drug test. On the contrary, the CBD oil from industrial hemp has high level of CBD with legal traces of THC.

Which form of CBD oil is safer – full spectrum, broad spectrum or isolate?

CBD compound is responsible for activating CB1 receptor of your ECS system. It helps in proper and more efficient functioning of memory performance, pain reliever, stress management, mood regulation, and immune system response. But THC compound sticks with the receptors and creates intoxicating and psychoactive effects on your body. This leads to drug abuse and addiction.

Full spectrum CBD oil contains other essential cannabinoids, 0.30% THC, protein and fibre along with CBD as main ingredients. Broad-spectrum CBD oil contains all cannabinoids found during CBD extraction from industrial hemp without any traces of CBD. An isolate CBD oil is only 100% pure CBD. So, you can go for isolate CBD oil if you are worried about the hassles of failing drug tests.

If you are buying CBD oil from a trusted supplier, you can also use full spectrum CBD oil as it contains legal 0.30% THC level. It also has high health benefits.