Prism Technology & Assemblies is a Joint-Venture entity between Mariah Industries, Inc. & Carlisle Engineered Products that began operating in January 1999.

Prism combines Carlisle’s design and engineering strengths in manufacturing automotive components with Mariah’s solid reputation for supplying high quality assemblies to automotive customers.

Prism Assembly Capabilities Include:

  • Door Handle
  • Heat Staking
  • Adhesive Applications
  • Cowl Assembly
  • Filler Panel / Carpet Assembly
  • Bolster Assembly
  • Washer Hoses
  • Drain Tubes
  • Sunroof Drain Hoses
  • HVAC Valves
  • Windsheild Washer Bottles with Pumps and Caps
  • Rubber Sealing Closeouts with Tape
  • Foam Applications
  • Metal Stampings

Prism Technology and Assemblies is certified by the Pittsburgh Regional Minority Purchasing Council as a registered minority business enterprise.